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Grand Palace in Thailand

Phra Thinang Mahison Prasat Constructed by King Rama IV over the wall of the Inner Palace is a small ma-sonry prasat built on a modified Greek cross plan with the longer north and south arms extending along the well and covered with three levels of saddle roof. The shorter east and west arms haven two levels of saddle roof. A prasat spire rises over the intersection of the roofs. King Rama IV built this prasat to enshrine the ashes of this father, King Rama II. But at some later time the ashes were moved to the Ho Phra That Montian, and Buddha images were kept here instead

Phra Thinang Sivalai In 1897 King Rama V had a masonry prasat constructed on a modified Greek cross plan to enshrine four life-size bronze statues of his predecessors which he had had cast in 1872. Unlike all other prasat, this one has central spire rising from the intersection of the roofs and four lesser spires clustered around it, one over each of the four roofs. After King Rama VI moved the four statues to the Prasat Phra Thep Bidon in Wat Phra Si Ratana Sasadaram, the Sivalai Maha Prasat was left empty until it was converted into a Banqueting Hall in the present reign.


Amazing Indigo World in Thailand

Thailand's sea is large and covers an area of 350,000 square kilometers with a variety of geographical formations e.g. water, islands, continental shelf underwater rocks, coastal land, mangrove forests, rocky beaches, sandy beaches, capes, bays, cliffs and rocks on the shore.

The Thai sea on the Andman coast or the west of the southern coast begins at month of the Kraburi River in Ranong and runs southward through Ranong. Phang Nga, Phuket, Krabi and ends at the border at Satun province It covers a distance of 894 kilometers. Along its length. there are some important beach and islands e.g. Kam Islands, Phi Phi lsland, islands in the sea offTrang, Petra Islands, Tarutao Islands, etc. The Similan Archipelago is located furthers from the coast to the west


Shopping In Thailand

This part of Thailand is well known for a variety of items ranging from various kinds of agricultural products, Thai sweets, wood products made from various types of wood, and mother - of - pearl products just to name a few.

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